Use Case - Energy & Power Supply

tutorials feb. 05, 2021

Either to start a new installation of power supply on a mobile cell site, increase the power on the backbone, new indoor equipment or fiber optic devices; the deployment of energy projects demands to maintain organized and centralized the information of the different teamworks y company resources.

From the requirement analysis, through the installation supplier assignment of one or more projects, or even for the own field resources, quotations estimate for the to-do tasks, coordinate logistics for the materials, the post-installation review and final certification; it's all about tasks that include responsable teams, documents with information, forecasting dates of multiple projects and resources management. On Sytex, we propose a universe of tools that brings different functionalities that allows you to make a E2E planning.

Work assignments

After the analysis for the power supply needs, it's moment to assign a complete workflow to a supplier or an own teamwork.

Sytex allows, in a easy and simple way, define workflows with own characteristics that can be used as many times as it's necessary.

Once the tasks formating and requirements it's done, it's possible assign to a team work a new energy work project. Also, it's possible to configurate notifications for the related users that can be send by e-mail or push notifications on the app to notify about a task that become available to take it. Each person can manage their own work load thanks to our dashboard that prioritize tasks with plan date close in time.

General view of Sytex workflow based on predefined WBS template.

Works quotation

One of the most important utilities on the web tool it's the accounting module that enable to add financial process on the existing tracking of technical or field tasks. It's possible to configure a quotation requirement on a task, to complete by a supplier, that also enable POs generation based in predefined price lists to impact at the end on projects budgets and financial reports. All the process in the same environment to make possible the tracking by different management profiles.

Works quotation - Allows the file attaching or predifined price list items.

The quotations can be approved by a customizable approval process, being authorized by the project manager or different reviewers in the company. Once all the steps of the approval procces are OK, the task can move on.

Site survey and material logistics

A site visit can be organized by a supplier and the related tasks will fall in their own task dashboard being able to take by anyone on the supplier company.

Automatically, every task into the system can go assigned be a team work or any particular person. We have assignments that allows to preload the responsable at the begining and copy them to a intermediate task in the workflow.

The necessary materials for new power banks installattions, grounding kits or shelters with rectifiers, as the return of de-installed material as, can be tracked by Sytex through a material module system with virtual warehouses, different kind of material operations with advance status. Now, also it's possible to assigns stock material to a field resource or fleet vehicle to have further details and precise location of them!.

Completed task - Task related material operation.

Field tasks

The site works, either for load migrations, equipment re-location of cooling systems, or new installations of power banks for instance, can be tracked thanks to our forms module system.

On Sytex, forms are almost a mandatory tool becasue enable the opportunity to create 100% custom docs from pre-defined templates. It can be completed from a mobile app (available version on Android and iOS) or on the web app. Someone on the office can check the progress with different aswer questions or media content that it's being completed by a field resource with real-time sync.

Forms can be associated with task trough documment requirements, so that their progress is not possible until the work carried out has not been formally approved by the resources in charge of it.

Acceptance of works and certifications

By the end of the entire process it's possible to attach an audit form in case it's necessary. Sytex forms admits upload of files, images, or energy manager's soft screenshots if the acceptance works demands it.

The audit forms can be assigned to outsourced resources either company personnel. In case that the final acceptance should be do by different teams, we recommend our approval flows section where the flow manager user can determinate a specific step by step to ends the proyect.

Document web view - Sytex completed form.

As you can see, it's possible to unify many and different aspects of your processes on deploy and maintenance of energy or power supply telecoms projects.

But this it's not all just about power banks... also on infrastructure large scale projects it's possible to organize and track from our tool georeferenced elements in whichs is possible to assigns any of the objects that we talked all over the article.

Workstructure tasks report preview on Sytex.

Solar panels, power pillars, wind-power generator, security cams and their own controllers can be organized, analyzed and made available en visual charts, data base tables and integrated maps on the tool.

With Sytex, any connection is possible.

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